Moving Forward…

Today is a very somber day here at The University of Virginia. Around 75% of UVA students voted for Hillary Clinton in this year’s election and I am incredibly proud to say that I was one of those students. In these most recent months my university has experienced many disgusting and hateful acts around grounds and I am so ashamed of it. But where does this hate stem from? From a man that has displayed the idea to the public that it is okay to say whatever comes to their mind no matter if it hurts people or makes them feel unsafe. Over a couple of months we have had people write the word “Terrorist” with an arrow pointing to a student’s dorm room door, anti-semitic graffiti painted onto an upperclassman apartment complex, racist messages written inside first-year dorms, and even this past April hate speech referencing black and transgender individuals was written on our sidewalks (Cox). People believe that this is an acceptable way to speak about others because Donald Trump has made us believe so. I have had people come to me and tell me they don’t even feel safe anymore living in the United States because of their last name or the color of their skin. I cannot even fathom how that would feel. I have even heard Trump supporters tell me that they feel “offended” due to the “ridiculous” accusation that people don’t feel safe due to him winning the presidential election.

How does this make sense? How have we gone from being such a loving, inclusive, and supporting country to this bigoted and white-supremicist group of individuals? He has stripped away years and years of hard work towards including all groups of people and being respectful towards those who are different from us. I just cannot fathom how quickly we have backtracked into this archaic lifestyle. I am utterly disgusted by these acts of hate that are breaking out all across the country. I am angered that there are people who feel so afraid and so unsafe to even live in this country. This is not America. We are a country with values and standards and we are supposed to be full of people who love and inspire. I do not see that today. I voted for Hillary because I could not live with myself if I voted for someone who has caused such unrest, doubt, and hate. What have we become? This is not who we are. We are better. We are stronger. And we will prevail.

The next four years will be hard I do not doubt this. Stay strong in your beliefs whatever they may be. We live under a loving God who will protect us and care for us. No matter who is leading our country we have a God who leads over everything, nothing comes above Him. Psalm 118:8 says “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” and I do truly believe this. Be prepared for change, stand tall in the face of hatred, and stay safe above all else. We have to have hope for a future.


Love. Don’t Hate.

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